Join hands with us for a better
life and a beautiful future.

Become a Voluteer

Be the change, Volunteer and make a difference. Thank you for choosing Wellspring-Africa, Uganda.

Sponsor a child

We realize a need to be there and advocate for people in need. Therefore, sponsor a child and change a life.


We are convinced that the church is God’s plan for displaying His glory to the nations because we want you to live out that vision for your Christian life.  Join and we pray together.

Contact us

Wellspring Africa, Uganda
P.O Box 7543, Bweyogerere, Kampala.
Tel: +256750482373

What We Care For!

Bringing Dreams within Reach for Children

Uganda has one of the youngest population in Sub-Saharan Africa. The country has made strides in expanding access to basic education and healthcare. Wellspring is therefore committed to improving the quality of education and healthcare services in the neighboring communities.

The Keys to a New Future for Exploited Chlidren

In many of our surrounding communities, aot of our young children are exploited in many ways. for example hard labour, sexual harassment, discrimination etc. As an organisation, we are committed to providing resources and tools that the young people need to rebuild their lives and realise their potential

As far as education is concerned, we offer holistic training that creates innovative thinking for the children in school.


The work we do is quite big, and without the support of people like yourself We would never be able to achieve what we have already done. So to our generous supporters, We are very grateful. You are welcome to join us as we extend this charitable work to the communities around us. Working together with you would be able to make immense changes in people’s lives for the better.

You can come visit us in teams, or as an individual. And you can also donate a one-off gift or give regular contributions. You can also bring your skills and expertise to contribute to the different sectors of Wellspring. You can also tell a friend about the work of Wellspring.

If you would like to donate please use the link provided, please specify your gift is for Wellspring, and indicate where you would like your gift to be used (Links International holds an Act4You account for Wellspring and serves us by directing any donations we receive to our Wellspring Uganda account). We shall send you a report of how your donation was used. Thank you.

Become a Volunteer

Join hands with us for a better life and beautiful future.


We are excited about the work we do in communities. Seeing people’s lives being changed, and for us to witness these changes is so awesome. We have seen people who had lost hope regain their self-worth. We understand that poverty does not only rob people of material things but robs identity and self-esteem. You can be part of this! Be the reason some one is smiling.

Join hands with us for a better life and beautiful future.

Wellspring Primary School (2)


Education is our top priority. Find out how can you contribute.



We plan to increase the number of food that we are providing from 11k to 20k.



We are accepting second-hand clothes in good shape or money donation. 

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Sign up to be part of I.A.P.C 2022
We Promise to keep YOUR information Private
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