• raised £2,500
  • Goal £30,000
  • Day left ENDED

Campaign description

In Uganda, 4 out of 10 people have malaria and nearly 50% of pregnant women risk having malaria during their pregnancy. On top of this, there are other diseases that contribute to Uganda’s high mortality rate.

Ours is the only standard quality health facility in the eastern part of Kampala. By building a new Health Centre that will cater for the health needs of our community members, we hope to afford them a good quality life. These monitored health services will be offered at an affordable cost that will make the facility sustainable. Simple things like mosquito nets make a huge public health impact in an area where 1 in 4 children do not have access to their protection from malaria.

In this new, expanded Health Centre we need new machinery, expert advice and volunteers to make sure that health in Eastern Kampala is substantially improved. We are campaigning to fund a radiology department, paediatrics team, CBC analyser, and maternity wards as well as in patient and out patient departments.

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