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Our Vision is: Transforming A Nation


Our Mission as an organization is: Developing A Community


Our core Value is: Growing A People

25+ Years of


It's not how much we give but how much love we put into giving


Wellspring is a Non Profit organization, (NGO) and a registered charity that works in Uganda, especially in communities around the suburbs of Kampala and also in the very rural areas of the country.

Wellspring has a reach of a radius of 10 km into the community surrounding where we have a weekly presence. We have also spread into areas of eastern Uganda, in Tororo and Mbale region, Kamwenge in western Uganda, and areas in the central parts of the country.

We also have established another base in the Dar es Salam area in Tanzania where we have a thriving school and a vibrant church.

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Who we are Our Values

We started as a small facility on the outskirts of Kampala, and we have  grown over the years to accommodate
the growing needs of the people in our community. Our technique is very community-centered, working in our area for and with the people who need our help.
Our motivation is to see our small actions making big changes in people’s lives.

We work in communities to make Lives Better

Meet Our Team

Dr. Eve K Wanjala


Meet Eve! She’s a loving mother who values discipline and has impressive credentials – a management background and a Ph.D. She’s incredibly passionate about bringing social justice to marginalized communities, and as the leader of Wellspring Africa, she’s making a big impact! Eve is an inspiration to others, encouraging them to reach their full potential and make a positive difference in the world.

Denis Kakinda


Working at Wellspring gives me an opportunity work out solution to challenges faced by our communities .It gives me great joy to see people’s lives change for the better. 

Ivan Musoke Kabonge


Innovative media personel with passion for producing required information for the organisation web services.

Rogers Ddamba


High level of technical knowledge and organisational skills to ensuring a safe work environment.

Robinah Nahirya

Health Center In-Charge

With over 15 years of experience, Robinah is dedicated and committed to her patients. Her trustworthiness, professionalism, and go-getter attitude make her stand out as a diamond in the caregiving profession.

Akusa Mirembe


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If you want to become part of the network of people working together to make difference, you are more than welcome to donate as much as you want to Wellspring. All the donations will go towards the people we work within the communities.


There’s nothing more fulfilling than watching people you’ve helped flourish in life. We would love to invite you to be an incredible part of change in people’s journeys in a way that won’t leave you the same either. We welcome any skills you have that will help the people we work with and we certainly can’t wait to welcome you at our facilities in Uganda or Tanzania!

Wellspring has been in existence as a registered charity since 1995. Because of the contribution to the development of the area, the government of Uganda through the Local Council recognized Wellspring by awarding a Certificate of Recognition. We are still upholding the values of being a centre for excellence as we spread this into our community.

Wellspring works with families, youth and children in Uganda, Kampala to lift them out of poverty. Not just for one person but the whole community.
We develop solutions with the community to tackle big issues facing them like Economic empowerment, Health, Education and Spiritual growth.

Every child wishes to go to school and every individual will feel the void if the did not go through school. It’s such a treasured gift that when given the chance children put in their best efforts to do well. 

The church comprises mostly young and energetic people, exciting worship, and studying the word of God so as to equip and mature all for service. Even from the church perspective, we believe salvation…

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