Through our business training, she’s now a successful business woman. Her aim is to one day provide a quality education to her children.

Jacinta is now self employed with a beauty salon, she currently is also employing two more workers to help her with the business. The impact she has caused in the community is phenomenal wherein that her family and community members enjoy the benefits of her business in the community. She employs other teenagers in the community whom she has impacted to also earn a living whilst at the same time becoming a role model.

We work with women like Jacinta in our communities and our aim is to empower then in small groups in their areas of residence. These groups encourage and support each other as well as we also make periodic visits to them to ensure that the use the business knowledge and soft low-interest loans.

There is still need for more empowerment in the areas we work and other group members rely on us for this help as a means of breaking out of poverty.