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About Us


    Our Story

    “Together, we can go far.”

    Wellspring was founded as a ‘Not for Profit’ local NGO in the early 1990s, when it was registered as a charity – number S5914/1527(1406).  We have, over many years of hard work and commitment, sought to address the spiritual needs and the socio-economic challenges that both our community and the nation at large face on a daily basis.

    Our vision is to see a change in our people – to help and be a support to those that need it; to be an encouragement to those who seek to make a difference in the situations around them. From this comes our vision:

    Grow a People, Develop a Community, and Transform a Nation

    Our Wellspring Lamplighter teams go out into their communities every day to ‘share life’. They are driven by a desire to see positive change taking place in many different lives. What an honour it is to have been part of such a transformation!

    With community groups located from just outside the Wellspring base, stretching out with a radius of 15 – 30km, we work with churches and community groups across western Uganda, Kamwenge and as far as eastern Uganda, Tororo and the surrounding region.

    It has been exciting to see the impact that people with positive minds can make when they join together, despite having relatively little resource available. We continually see lives changed, as people adopt new ways of living that are filled with renewed hope. Seeing children begin to dream again, as their hope is restored brings its own particular joy!

    We are ever so grateful to our committed staff and friends who help us to make this happen.

    Grow a people, Develop a Community, Transform a Nation

    “We cannot change the world if we cannot change our neighbourhood” – a Wellspring core belief.

    We raise, train and equip leaders who go on to cause a ripple effect around them. Through our leadership training seminars, workshops, one on one discipleship and other initiatives, we gather leaders from Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi and DR Congo.

    Since 1999, we have trained many people with business skills and supported them with the initial capital they need to start a small business. We call this the Wellspring Business Development Initiative and have seen over 7500 families benefit since it was established.

    This is the very essence of our existence: to be ‘Change Agents’.

    Education for more children

    Achieving the Best for each Child” – our school motto

    It is our belief that children are the backbone of any nation. A good education is a dream for every child, because many can’t afford this much treasured and sought after privilege. The very high cost of schooling goes from early years, right through to university. Wellspring’s schools are subsidized and most of the children are sponsored.

    Health is another major challenge for Uganda as a nation.  We run a 24-hour health centre catering to the different health needs of the community. We have recently challenged ourselves to build a large health facility that will not only care for the underprivileged of our communities, but that will also help address the health needs of the nation. Construction is underway!

    Under health, we also have a group of children with physical development needs that have mostly been caused by Spina Bifida and/or hydrocephalus or other malnutrition-related causes.

    Because education is so expensive, there are many who have dropped out of school, and many more who have had no education at all. This leaves Uganda as a nation facing high levels of illiteracy. Wellspring has addressed this by creating adult literacy classes to help people to learn to read and write.

    We rejoice with, and encourage the community spirit inhibited in the cultures of Uganda and during the festive seasons. We join in by giving gifts like clothes, shoes, food, vaseline, books and pencils, pants and sanitary materials out to the community.

    All these initiatives are open to everyone in the community regardless of their faith or cultural affiliations.

    The Journey continues

    We believe that a little help can propel people much further in life.

    The journey ahead of us is filled with optimism! We look back at what has already happened, and then look into the future with a new strength. We are looking for people like you to support us. The need is great, but we can only start from where we are at the moment.

    You are very welcome to come and see for yourselves what we’re doing, to join us in praying for our work, or to donate money or expertise to our projects.


  • The Wellspring Team
  • Herbert Kanyenya

    My focus is to train and equip the next generation

  • Eve K Wanjala Dr

    I love seeing people regain their self-worth and dignity

    “Your relevance starts the very moment you start solving other peoples problems”… by T Gift

  • Tumuhaire Marvin

    My passion is to help my peers reach their potential in this competitive world

  • Denis Kakinda

    It’s my passion to give to the Kingdom using my knowledge and skills

  • Jackie Mirembe

    I love working in a community-based organisation as much as I love accounting.

  • Caleb Mwanje

    The opportunity to grow a people, is something that I cherish very much

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