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    The Origin Story

    Wellspring is a small Not For Profit organisation based in the outskirts of Kampala in Uganda. Started up in 1991, the vision bearers of Wellspring aimed to make the communities surrounding Wellspring more developed and transformed through Business Training and Education.

    The journey to starting Wellspring was not an easy one as the founders were met with many challenges ranging from community members spreading rumors to trying to stop Wellspring from being formed, but the leaders perceived nonetheless, forming friendships with people that would encourage them through everything.

    Many people joined the founders when Wellspring was being built, and continued to help in their many ways after the constructions of Wellspring. While the start up funds of Wellspring were mostly from outside sources, the founders managed to make Wellspring self-sustaining.

    Grow a people, Develop a Community, Transform a Nation

    Now 25 years later, Wellspring runs on the same core values it was built on, though with a different leadership team. In 2007 we said goodbye to the founders of Wellspring and welcomed a leadership who shared the same passion as the founders. Still wanting to groom leaders from the communities, the current leaders decided that one of the best ways to do this was, not only to keep running WBD and WHD, to also include Adult literacy and training as well.

    This has proven successful as many people that completed the Adult training have moved on to become successful business men and women. Some of them have also managed to continue to join Wellspring Business Development. However we believe that leaders can also be groomed from younger tender ages. This is why we run our school, to ensure that the next generation is empowered to do things that the previous generation could only dream of.

    The Journey continues

    We saw the need for affordable health care in areas outside of Kampala, and we decided that we could play a part in reaching this. In the beginning this seemed like a daring and scary prospect for a small company as ours, but we could not let fear stop us from responding to the needs of the community. So with the financial support of BrisDoc, we are continually building a hospital that we hope shall be of great use in the communities surrounding it.

    However, it does not just end there. Many more needs arise as times change, and it is our duty to deliver to the communities by preparing them for change and to qualify community members to drive themselves towards a brighter future. We believe that anyone has the power to change a circumstance however big or small it is, and we believe that only a little help can propel people further in life than they would have expected to go.

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