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The Wellspring Experience

Grow a People and Develop a community

Dream Center

These are More than just Projects - they are Revolutionary

    Wellspring-Africa, Uganda
    In 2018, we aim to sponsor 50 children to our primary school. Achieving the Best for each Child is what we are ...
    3.53% funded
    ENDEDGoal: 34.000
    Wellspring-Africa, Uganda
    4 out of 10 people have malaria. Nearly 50% of pregnant women risk having malaria during pregnancy. This does not account for other ...
    8.33% funded
    ENDEDGoal: 30.000
    Wellspring-Africa, Uganda
    Having a sense of responsibility for the community is part of the wellspring parcel of transforming a nation. We have ...
    0.50% funded
    11 day(s) to endGoal: 10.000

Success stories

A little help has propelled them in life

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    • Community

      To transform a nation, we work closely with the families in need through our initiatives

    • Health

      We believe a person needs to be healthy to prosper and gain wealth.

    • Education

      The future is built by our actions Now. We have a wholistic approach to education

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Director’s Message

Wellspring’s aim and purpose is to ensure that our communities are changed and are taking the steps towards success. I am glad to say that our goals are being reached, thanks to a superb team and receptive communities.
However, it does not just end here. Wellspring would like to extend its reach to areas farther away from us, and to give hope to people in areas where life has reached a dead-end due to lack of education, resources and finance.

Join us as we continue to impact our community, and many more places

Dr. Herbert and Dr. Eve kanyenya (director)