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The Wellspring Experience

Grow a People, Develop a community, Transform a Nation

Our Projects

Our charity helps those people who have no hope

    Wellspring-Africa, Uganda
    Hamza, is a 7 year old boy living with schizophrenia. He condition can be reversed if our team can regularly visit ...
    8.33% funded
    ENDEDGoal: 1.200

Success stories

Our charity helps those people who have no hope

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    • Community

      To transform a nation, we work closely with the families in need through our initiatives

    • Health

      We believe a person needs to be healthy to prosper and gain wealth.

    • Education

      The future is built by our actions Now. We have a wholistic approach to education

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Charity is injuries unless it helps the recipient to become independent of it.

Directors Message

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William Smith (new world marketing director)