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The Wellspring Experience

Grow a People and Develop a community

Dream Center

These are More than just Projects - they are Revolutionary

    Wellspring-Africa, Uganda
    In 2018, we aim to sponsor 50 children to our primary school. Achieving the Best for each Child is what we are ...
    3.53% funded
    ENDEDGoal: 34.000
    Wellspring-Africa, Uganda
    4 out of 10 people have malaria. Nearly 50% of pregnant women risk having malaria during pregnancy. This does not account for other ...
    8.33% funded
    ENDEDGoal: 30.000
    Wellspring-Africa, Uganda
    Having a sense of responsibility for the community is part of the wellspring parcel of transforming a nation. We have ...
    0.50% funded
    ENDEDGoal: 10.000

Success stories

A little help has propelled them in life

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    • Community

      It is interesting watching the community from the time we start going there and where we have reached. Wellspring works directly with the community in bringing health campaigns, business training and skills development, adult literacy, nutrition, and

    • Health

      Access to health and medical treatment should be availed for all. Good health is the backbone of a prospering economy.  One of the elements in a poverty cycle is about health. We need to break the cycle by addressing health and medication starting

    • Education

      Each child is an individual, and therefore should be treated so if they are to reach their full potential.

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Director’s Message

We have the call to see the advancement of our communities, and of the nations of Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania; to develop and a strong leadership in these countries that will spearhead development in all aspects of life.

We can begin from where we are, one step at a time, and keep the focus to where we want to reach. Though filled with challenges and sometimes heartbreaking situations, there’s no doubt that rays of hope and joy shine through. “Change begins with me.”

We have been encouraged by the response from the communities, Christian and those of different faiths joining together fighting a common enemy, poverty.

Wellspring was recognized by the local authorities for the contribution made. A certificate of recognition and an official naming of the whole village after Wellspring.

You have all been part of this,  and “Together we can do more”.

Dr. Herbert and Dr. Eve kanyenya (directors)